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Natural optimization (SEO) is a series of procedures that permits us to advertise the existence of a website, and to position on the first few pages a large choice of expressions or keywords. The positioning of your site is entirely determined by the algorithms of the search engine. Our strategy consists in working with these search engines in order to respect their ranking algorithm results.

There are several ways to accomplish a website optimization depending on the type of market you want to reach.
Here are some examples :

  • For a VSB (very small business), local SEO in combination with choosing proper keywords and well built web pages according to the products or services offered. Ex: Pizza Antica to attract customers within a certain delivery radius (5 km).
  • For an SME (small or medium enterprise) who wants to sell a regional territory, natural SEO with a specific AdWords campaign for your region, and of course a bilingual well written web content depending on the products or services to offer.  Ex: The Rock Excavation Inc. to attract customers within a certain radius of delivery (50 km).
  • For an SME that wants to sell at the provincial or national level, the SEO with a specific AdWords campaign for your region, and a bilingual web content writing will produce the desired results.  Ex: Louis Vuitton Collections.
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