Web Semantics

Web Semantics.

The main objective of the  Web Semantics  is to lead the evolution of the web to answer the research finding, sharing and combining information more precisely in the real context of the query.

A semantic search system must take into account various points, the research context, location, intent, the variation of words, synonyms, general and specialized applications, the concept and corresponding natural language queries to provide results of relevant research. The main internet search engines like Google and Bing include elements of semantic search.

R&D program.

Our research and development program (R&D) aims at financing research projects that will improve our knowledge in the semantic web area.

Web Semantics describes “the meaning of web objects” spread in the form of metadata that permit search (interactive) engines to search, integrate and reuse objects from one application to the other with a large precision.

We are thankful to the Government of Canada and Government of Quebec for their financial help.

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