Web analytics

How to measure the relevance of an inbound link and thereby, your web SEO ?

Answer : Google Analytics

The objective of web analytics is to improve the performance by studying the behavior of visitors. Our work consists of positioning keywords in order to increase the number of visits, but the most important is to improve the positioning of keywords that indicate a good behavior from the surfers, which translates into a better conversion rate for business and sales contacts.

As SEO experts, web analytics permit us to answer the following questions :

  • What are my visitors doing ?
  • Are they doing what I want ?
  • Where are they from ?
  • How often do they surf my site ?
  • How long do they stay ?
  • How do they react to the content ?
  • What actions lead to an increase in conversion rate or drop in the cost of acquisition ?

The startup module establishes the basis of statistics with which we measure the effectiveness of our optimization work. We compare over time progressions obtained from your website.

The content writing of selected web pages is then analyzed to resume renew keywords to define more clearly the content and according to the most effective presentation technic.

The changes required in content writing are then transmitted to the webmaster to be applied to the web pages. Once the changes completed and index by search engines, a second analysis is done. A comparison with previous results, the progress will be identified. This ongoing process to achieve the target monthly gain established with the client.

A constant vigilance of the website ( monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual), to track user trends, to counter any change in web pages positioning in the search results. All this in order to prevent a significant decline in visits to the website. Some of these changes may be due to changes in search engine algorithms.


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