Web site optimization SEO

Natural or organic optimization (SEO).

Web site optimization SEONatural optimization (SEO) is a series of procedures that permits us to advertise the existence of a web site and to position on the first few pages a large choice of expressions or keywords. The positioning of your site is entirely determined by the algorithms of the search engine. Our strategy consists in working with these search engines in order to respect their ranking algorithm results.

What is the objective of an optimization (SEO) program ?
For most of you, display and sell your products and services.

Why choose an optimization (SEO) service to sell your products and services ?

I invite you to ask yourself that question.
What method do you use to find information on a product or service ?

I am sure you use a search engine like Google, and you are not the only one.

The advantages of natural optimization (SEO) :

  • Natural optimization (SEO) brings you a better return on your marketing investments.
  • Better results than commercial links.
  • The click rate is superior to commercial links.
  • A natural optimization (SEO) finds its efficacy in many search engines with the same effort.
  • If there are budget cuts, optimization (SEO) remains for a while.
  • Budget : Affordable to all. We obviously have a good number of clients that are SMB’s, but we also have an interesting percentage VVSB’s (Very very small business).

Our optimization SEO program consists of the following :

  • Evaluation of your requirements – Determine your targeted markets.
  • Technical audit of your website and recommendations to your webmaster.
  • Apply our strategy in order to recognize the keywords that have the potential for the best return on investment (ROI).
  • Useful advice on text editing for the web.
  • Semantic file creation.
  • Behaviour analysis of surfers using your web site.
  • Monthly optimization of your web site.
  • Frequent communications about our activities with the main search engines.
  • Online statistics.

If your website is not correctly referenced in search engines it has virtually no value. Accessible to a potential surfer it can have a tremendous value.

Don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Kristian Méthot, he will take time to listen in order to present a program of made to measure optimization (SEO) that will answer your needs within your budget limitations.

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