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Web content writing is an extremely important aspect of your website.   Like the visual aspect of the website design (graphics, pictures or video), your web content writing is heavily relied upon by your visitors to establish or disprove your credibility.  Your biggest competitors are successful, why, because they’ve chosen professional web content writers who compose impressive text, that convey compelling messages that rank and convert, while delivering the foundations of SEO copywriting.

Web content writing is increasingly necessary with the importance of content in search engines.

Google Hummingbird deploys complex algorithms to better understand the search context, instead of just a string of words. Due to this semantic search quality web content writing is no longer just filling in keywords or its density to achieve good ranking. Web content writing should contain words (keywords) that attract and retain users on a website.

The objective of the page content is to :

  • Provide accurate and relevant information.
  • Produce engaging content to entice visitors.
  • Persuade the reader to a sale or future paying customer.
  • Retain customers.
  • Boost sales.

Writing for the web is communicating, marketing and Search Engine Optimization, while injecting texts that fascinate and persuade.

The web content writer must master the language, but also be an expert in SEO techniques.  This wording must also take into account the interactive dimension of the web (comments, hyperlinks …) and meet the requirements of search engines.


The web content writing is a writing style appropriate to the operation of search engines and the logic of the web. The web writing rules differ from the press:

  • Brief content, attractive and accessible.
  • Quickly understandable and dynamic style.
  • Without boring generic flavor.
  • Develops confidence in your business market.


Writing web content generates texts that are designed for natural and improved SEO to bring you greater visibility on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Web writing must take into account the requirements of search engines (keywords density, ranking, indexing) to give you messages that inform, persuade, and that search engines acknowledge.


The web content writing to perform the correction and rewrite your text to make spelling, syntax, grammar, and punctuation, comply with the rules of the language. Think about your brand and your readers, bring credibility to your words, making them readable and properly written.


Translating texts is not as easy as you think.  Translation is carried out in compliance with the form and content of the texts that are entrusted to us, while preserving the coherence of the text in its environment, the accuracy of tone and style. We offer you following translation services:

  • From french to english.
  • From english to french.
  • From english to spanish.

Don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Kristian Méthot, he will take time to listen in order to present a program of made to measure SEO that will answer your needs within your budget limitations.

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