Consab International


Consab International : significant increase in sales.


  • Significative increase in business contacts.
  • Significative increase in sales.
  • More visibility in Québec, target market.
  • More visibility in Europe for partners.


“Our project in search engine optimization (SEO) started off very well thanks to efficient procedures put in place and a professional followup by the SEO Multi Contacts team. The objective was to obtain more business contacts and thereby increasing our sales. The results were and are always there. And we are convinced in continuing our progression thanks to the constant evolution of the search engine optimization program.”

Jean-Luc Breton
President, Consab International


Company profile

CONSAB International, is the very first in Quebec and Canada to specialize in the design, construction and laying out of clean rooms, and also the sale of materials and equipment required for the modification, correction or improvement of clean rooms.

Market targeted : Google Canada

Approximately 100 targeted keywords are well positioned and generate web site visits on their web site.

clean rooms : position 2
clean room Quebec : position 1
clean room installation : position 2
improvement of clean rooms : position 2
construction clean room : position 3
design of clean rooms : position 3
standard training clean room : position 1
training clean room : position 2

The solution

A program of natural search engine optimization (SEO) applied continuously, and adjusted to the ranking criteria of search engines. The keywords that generate the best behavior from visitors are detected and always taken in consideration in order to generate targeted visits and good business contacts.