Statement on personal information.

We are committed to respect the right to privacy of our visitors.

This page describes the practices and policies in regards to the protection of personal information on the website of SEO Multi Contacts.

  • We do not automatically gather personal information like your name, your phone number, municipal or electronic address. We are aware only if you communicate them to us voluntarily, normally by email or by subscribing in a protected section of the site.
  • All personal information that you give us is protected under the “Access to information and privacy act of Canada”. That means that at the collection point of personal information, you will be advised that personal information is being collected, we will tell you why and you will be advised of your rights to this data.
  • We use software that registers IP addresses (Internet protocol) of computers that communicate with our website. Your personal identity is not revealed and in no way do we look at establishing a link between an IP address and a person visiting our site.
  • Visitor information is not disclosed to anyone other than the employees of SEO Multi Contacts that need this information, example : to answer a request.

If you have any questions or comments on this policy or regarding the application of the law on “Protection of Personal Information” please visit the pages on the on the “Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act” on the internet site of  the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.