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Natural optimization (SEO) is a series of procedures that permits us to advertise the existence of a website, and to position on the first few pages a large choice of expressions or keywords. The positioning of your site is entirely determined by the algorithms of the search engine. Our strategy

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Constancy is the key

Search Engine Optimization on a minimum of a monthly routine is the key to success and is where most businesses fail.

Google has algorithms in place that can penalize you if you try cheating their system. One red flag is if they see a lot of activity from your website in

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Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google dominates Québec with more than 90% of the market. When the Québec web sites are hosted in Canada, the market share of the traffic coming from search engines is more than 92% for Google.

The moment the site is hosted in the United-States, the statistics grow nearer (+12%, +6% average)

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