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S pecialists in website optimization for search engines (SEO), a company in full expansion, working in various SEO specialties, we offer the following services:

Natural SEO (organic).

Paid search, Google AdWords.

Local search.

Web content writing and translation.

SEO partner.

A Canadian, local company with real people specialized in their fields, which are available and you can talk and are proud to offer high quality services to fulfill your needs to your satisfaction.



stablished in 1996, Creationweb Communication was first known as a website design and web hosting business, that specialized in optimization (SEO) for search engines.

Over time, Creationweb Communication turned itself exclusively towards website search engine optimization (SEO) to answer an ever growing demand. With a solid recognized and appreciated background, the business adopted a new company name. It's now known under the name of SEO Multi Contacts, which corresponds perfectly to its new vocation, since the majority of mandates that it realizes now are in the area of website search engine optimization (SEO).

Our mission


verhearing a client say that our program brings him business contacts and increases his revenues, brings great satisfaction to us.  

We shall always continue to strive to satisfy our clients by regularly following the web semantics and the analytics evolution of search engines, as well as standards and guidelines of the W3C. All this in order to increase the visibility of our clients on the web, therefore further improving their business contacts and increase their revenues.

SEO Multi Contacts, a business entirely dedicated to website search engine optimization (SEO)

For further information about our affordable marketing services on search engines, and new computing services, please do not hesitate to contact us at :

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Guylaine Bergeron

Project Manager


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      Marie-Chantale Poirier

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